Henry Schreiber

By fusing classical imagery with passions and vicissitudes of the contemporary world, Henry creates images that are riddled with both overt and subtle humor. These paintings are intended to illuminate the futility of guilt and frustration people encounter in the struggle for identity and meaning by arousing laughter, indignation, curiosity, and finally recognition.

Henry is heavily influenced by the artworks of Peter Paul Rubens, Eugene Delacroix and Henry Fuseli.

Henry is available for commission work.

Hannah Yata

The idea of "otherness" is something that carries through in my work in the form of a woman. In my study of the history of art and philosophy the woman has become the subject of experimentation, her mysteriousness and beauty is something that we have objectifed and dehumanized to the point of creatures or mannequins. I believe this same field of logic employed in dehumanizing women is the same strategy used to dominate over other national groups, races, and subcultures (etc.) These negative connotations of feminizing and feminization are far reaching and deeply contrived. The unfortunate ramifications of feminizing and desubjectifying our human counterparts almost always comes to oppression and annihilation. Consequently, I work to make the viewer feel ill at ease when confronted with my work to call attention to tactics that impel us to feel justified for maltreating our counterparts.

Hannah is available for commission work

Cleonique Hilsaca

Cleonique is a young artist currently attending Savannah College of Art and Design. She is focused on illustration and has come from Tegucigalpa, Honduras to complete her studies. She utilizes many traditional mediums such as inks, acrylics, and watercolors. In addition she does digital work. More information about Cleonique is coming soon. She is available for commission work.